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Late Sri Narayan Das Agrawal

Sri Narayan Das Agrawal(1868-year of departure) started the family's deity dress and mukut workshop as he understood the decoration of the Lord to be an essential expression of Bhakti.

Shringar Shiromani Karyalaya

Firm Founded 1862

late Sri Nandkishor agrawal

son of Late Sri Narayan Das Agrawal

Sri Nandkishor Agrawal (1952-????), son of Late Sri Narayan Das Agrawal, opened Nandkishor Mukutwala year 1890 in Loi Bazar, the first establishment of its kind, offering all the paraphernalia required to decorate and serve the Lord.


late Sri Ramkishan Agrawal

son of late Sri Nandkishor Mukutwala

Late Sri Ramkishan Agrawal, son of Late Sri Nandkishor Agarwal, who continued the family business, was blessed with the friendship of Srila Prabhupada.

Sri Bipin Agrawal

son of late Sri Ramkishan Agrawalji

Sri Bipin Agrawalji, son of Sri Ramkishan Agrawalji and founder of Bipin Mukutwala in Loi Bazar, traveled across the world, visiting USA, UK and other European nations in 1981 with the innovative vision of custom designing deity dresses for Their Lordships around the world.

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Mohit agrawal

son of Sri Bipin mukutwala

Mohit Agrawal, son of Sri Bipin Agrawal, with the blessings of Guruji Sri Hridayanand Babaji, is the founder of the Manhar Boutique. With locations in Loi Bazar and Raman Reti, Mohit brings the Brajabasi traditions of devotion, ancient design elements, and a lineage of dedicated business together with the contemporary world of technology, innovation, and creative design to offer the Lord unparalleled garments and ornaments to embellish Their sublime beauty.

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